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Thanks for another incredible year! See you March 6-15, 2015!

This year’s Festival would not have been possible without the generous support of our patrons and sponsors:

El Festival este año no habria sido posible sin el apoyo generoso de nuestros patrocinios:

Founders’ Circle 2014 / El Circulo de Fundadores 2014
Gene and Heather Schwendiman – Isahrai Azaria

Founders’ Club 2014 / El Club de Fundadores 2014
Brenda Hoskin and Eric Sanford – Ellen Storm and Bob Yamashita – Alesia Martin – Tracy Walters – Jane and Bill Bardin

With Special Thanks to / Con Agradecimiento Especial a:
Carol and Peter Lagoe – Jane and Eruk Williamson – Drew Patterson – Pat and Gene Suess – Dana Baldwin – Steven Bernardi – Paula Bowman – Jeffrey Willius – Ken and Sunny McNicol – Lige Williamson – Rosemary Pigat – Iris L. Hurbert and Bob Proctor – Alice and Randall Tumblin – Donna and Tim Melville – Frank Long – Donald Scott – John and Wendy Nielsen – Werner and Maryanne Schulz – Gary Charpentier – Melissa Denlinger – Paul Ryan – Brent and Susan Lowe – Lois Keeth -
Mike Novotny – Debra Cysiewski – Carl Willis-Ford – Jenny Sheets – Robert and Kristin Ridenour – Bill Underwood – Ramon van Meer – Carol Juk and John Murphy – Omar Torrez – Elisabeth Ashe-Dirmeitis – Linda Fox – Lynne Marie Parson – Robert Marshall – Dyana Pari Nafissi Holzworth – Claire and Tony Piazza – Sandy and Jay Messsinger – Curtis and Gloria Marks – Ruby and Kevin Dowling – Daniel Hunsberger – Jimmy Robinson – Gordon and Nancy Krantz – Patti Stevens – Agustin Galindo and Carolina Delgadillo Novelo – Claude Le Corre – Victoria Taft Priani – Sarah Green Reed – Pablo Araujo – Gerald Dee – Sharon Marriott – Yvonne Lau – Linda Harless – Deborah Ann O`Brien – Harriet Garfinkle and Ron Seff – Paulette Warren – Donald L. and Christina Volkmann – Ken MacDonald – Kimberly and William Fillmore – Laurie MacDonald – Malury Wells – Mark Blake

sponsors 2014

2014 Line Up now posted:
January 8, 2014

Kickstart the new year!

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Join the cultural revolution! Kickstarter is a community of people who want to support arts and culture, and they do it by funding creative projects. The fund raising is all or nothing, if the goal is not met, no money will be paid out. We had heard good things–that it was a place of optimism and good will towards artists–and we thought it may be a good fit for what we do here in Zihuatanejo. Go to the site and look around, there are projects to fit every passion: music, art, film, books…you may find something you would like to support.

It might even be the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival!

December 12, 2013

for your consideration

Seeking International Artist Sponsors
The ZIGF 2014 submissions closed on December 1 and we have been wading through the submission materials and listening to some incredible music.

Click here to see the 2014 Artist Under Consideration, see anyone you want to sponsor?

December 2013

2014 Submissions now closed

Thanks for all of the fabulous music, 2014 artists will be announced in January 2014.  Keep checking our Facebook page for updates:
October 2013


ZIGF is seeking an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR & 10 other jobs for 2014. Have great skills? Want to get involved? Here´s your chance!
September 2013

2014 submissions now open

August 2013
Hello Zihuatanejo and ZIGF friends,

We are very proud to announce the highly anticipated release of, Migration Heart, Songs for the Wandering, a digital EP in support of the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, by Isahrai Azaria & Pablo Araujo two tremendous artists and ZIGF supporters who have created a beautiful selection of songs showcasing Isahrai´s gorgeous soprano voice and Pablo´s stunning guitar work, as a fund raising project for the guitar festival.

We are so proud of the tremendous talent the ZIGF has attracted over the years and humbled by this wonderful show of support.

Take a listen here and buy a copy for yourself:


Thanks to every one of you for ten years of the ZIGF, it has been a real joy to share ten years of incredible music with you and we hope we can continue for many more.

**We welcome any feedback, suggestions, ideas for bigger and better solutions.**

- Catherine Krantz, ZIGF President



Thanks for another great year !


The Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival 2013 was another year of incredible music in beautiful Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  


May 2013
After a month (or two) of rest, recuperation and reevaluation, we have now finished our year-end accounting and wrap up statements.

You can read the Final Press Release here and read an honest appraisal from ZIGF President, Catherine Krantz, in the 2013 Director’s Wrap up letter. She talks candidly about where we are after 10 years of music festivals on a shoestring in paradise and what the future holds.

You can also see the 2013 Financial Statements, if you want to know what we earn and what we do with it.

Keep checking back with the website over the summer, we will be updating and making some great changes, including adding music, video, and the complete ten years of artist archives, where you can keep in touch with all the great musicians you have met at ZIGF over the years.

And don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page  for news, announcements and photos.



2013 feedback

Jacquie Cattanach Just saying… Muchas gracias por todo. I attended six events and was amazed with the incredible talent of the musicians and also how well this whole event was organized. Thank you to all involved with the organization. Next year, I’ll be buying a pass – can’t wait!!

John Sheipe What a great musical week, the chemistry/energy was spot on, the grooves & jams will continue to echo through the streets :) Bless~ ♥

Nick Fiorante We were there this year and loved every minute of it. This was our second year to be so lucky to attend one of the best guitar festivals around. To the many people who work so hard to put this festival together, God bless and keep up the great job. Cheers.

Brenda Hoskin Last year we opted for a spontaneous trip to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo to attend the International Guitar Festival. We loved it so much, we decided we needed to return this year. We were so impressed last year that we couldn’t possibly see ZIGF delivering the same level of service and quality of music two years in a row. We were dead wrong. With a combination of repeat performances and new musicians, we were just as wowed this year as last…”

Mary Jo Hoffman Loved the festival, every minute of it!

Richard Kenney I think the event is a real attraction on ZIH and I for one hope it continues. Having been there two months ago, I can see the hard work the volunteers supply. But it was very well organized, Catherine Krantz and her crew are to be complimented.

Mike Novotny This is fantastic event. This year´s event was spectacular…this needs to continue and it needs to grow and expand…

Jane Keleman We had the pleasure of volunteering for this event and enjoying the musical wonder of these talented people! We’ll be back next year. Thank you!

Click here to read: What the Guitar Festival means to me, by Jacqueline Rodriguez Verduzco, 2013 Organizing Committee

Click here to read: What the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival means to me, by Isahrai Azaria, musician, longtime ZIGF supporter, and past participant.

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