Celebration Mania!

May 13, 2022 by No Comments

” Free Wheelin'”
What’s the big offer with festivals these days?
I indicate it, why are there numerous celebrations currently? Utilized to, you would certainly read about an occasional event occasionally, for example, there may be a watermelon celebration down in south Georgia someplace, or there could be a rattlesnake round-up over in Alabama, or whatever. These occasions came infrequent, as well as they were a fairly big deal mainly, therefore.

The comparison that to the present – everybody has a celebration going on these days. Why just lately I had a look around main Georgia, and, remarkably, the number of them is being held. All I can claim is that they need to bring the money in since a few of them approach the virtually unreasonable. You can nearly sense that some civic team obtained together and made a decision, “Hey, we need to generate a few dollars for our city or area coffers, so what much better way to do it than to place on our first-ever Dead Possum Event!”

Perhaps I’m being also rough, though. Hey, if events generate tourists and money, that am I to whine? We stay in a capitalist economic situation, I’m honored every day that we do, so we can vote for whatever we desire with our dollars and cents. It’s a simple, gorgeous system. And, in that spirit, I think I’m going to recommend some potential celebrations for any type of interesting cities or towns out there, some that must be immediately taken into consideration, as well as some that I believe, would generate tens of countless bucks for whatever area puts them on:

“The Sunburnt Breast Festival” – What far better way to draw a big crowd than to reveal a festival with its centerpiece being a competition – a contest between women entrants to see whose chest is one of the most sunburned. Naturally, the courts would certainly need to contrast the participants’ burned and non-burned skin, which alone would make up the major draw for this specific festival. As well, as y’all might think, you’d have hundreds of male participants, and also sales for things like sunglasses, beer, as well as nonreusable cameras would certainly escalate.

“The Bring In Martha Stewart On The Day Of A Huge Ballgame Celebration” – Now this wouldn’t come cheap, as Martha probably bills a substantial charge to make an individual appearance, but it would be well worth the expenditure. Arrange her on the day of the Super Bowl, for example, and placed her in a big auditorium to make a speech.

Ticket sales would skyrocket as most of the women in the area would appear to hear whatever Martha has to state. The guys in the area would then purchase a lot more beer, stogies, chips, dips, and other sporting activities related to food things as they would know they can appreciate them in full tranquility while the game is going on. It’s a “can not miss” strategy, Martha pulls in the ladies, the men get more food, and everybody involved advantages.

“Butts County, Georgia” – Oh man, there’s so much I want this, I can think about concerning 10 thousand plus potential event ideas for this region and then some. Regrettably, my editors won’t publish regarding 9,999 of them, so I’ll simply wistfully consider what might have been …

“The Perry Como Impersonators Event” – This is sort of a “celebration in reverse” type suggestion because if this was held most of the location’s populace would rapidly go someplace else for several days. As well as hey, that might not be a bad thing if a neighborhood had civic jobs they needed to do like spray for insects, take care of some large sewage system drain troubles, or whatever.

The celebration organizers can cut a deal with the bordering neighborhoods to get a cut of their motel and also dining establishment earnings while the Perry C. festival is going on, so every person entailed comes out a champion.

I might take place and also list a lot more event suggestions, however these that I have noted need to be enough to obtain the ball rolling. In a truly noble gesture on my component, I will assert no copyright for these ideas, so if any person available truly wishes to utilize any one of them they can for free.

Currently, with all that having been claimed, if some area around actually thinks about putting on a “Sunburned Upper Body Event,” I think that the least y’ all could do would certainly be to welcome me to be among the courts for the main event, after all, reasonable is just reasonable …

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