Essential Chinese Events

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Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year (January/February).

It is typically in the winter season of the year. The precise day would certainly follow the one in Lunar Calendar. Entering the New Year month, every family member would clean and tidy both the inside and also the outside of their residences. New Year food would also be prepared. ‘Lin Gao’, the Chinese cake signifying the surge of family annually, would be a must. New Year couplets would certainly be presented around the home. All family members would certainly be busy up until the New Year’s Eve and also a big New Year eve’s dinner would certainly be offered for the gathering to invite the beginning of a New Year. Kids and also single adults would certainly enjoy the occasion because red packets would certainly be offered to them from all couples and also older generations. As a tradition, on the very first few days of the initial lunar month, individuals would spend their time visiting family members as well as buddies.

Springtime Light Event/ Yuen Siu Celebration (January/February).

It is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day as well as it marks the completion of the Chinese New Year. Young pairs would certainly celebrate today. Lanterns of various layouts would certainly be awaited in different locations.

Ching Ming Celebration (March/April).

It is a day when people pay their sees to the tombs of their ancestors. Joss sticks, scent, and also paper offerings would be shed for the dead people. Toasted while pigs, fit to be tied chicken, fruit, and white wine would be offered to the dead too. Some people tend to bring chrysanthemums rather than those pointed out above, so keep in mind not to provide chrysanthemums to Chinese people. It is said that it is also a day when the dead roam above ground and so sometimes individuals carry willow branches or hang them outside their doors on now to frighten the ghosts.

Birthday of Tin Hau (April/May).

It is not a huge celebration yet an essential one for the people residing on angling islands. It is an event to lionize the Goddess of the Sea, Tin Hau for good catches in the sea as well as a risk-free year in advance.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival (April/May).

It is a celebration that belongs to Cheung Chau Island. In the past, people climbed up bun towers constructed with bamboo that were covered with honored buns outside. The greater people climbed on it indicated the even more good luck they would certainly receive in the year. Since the accident took place in 1978, these competitors were no more enabled. People on the island would certainly keep vegetarian for 3 days during the event.

Dragon Boat Event (June).

It is an event to show respect to a patriotic scholar – Chu Yuan, that sank himself to protest against his emperor. Rice dumpling, which is preferred during the event, is constructed from glutinous rice, salty meat with salted egg yolk, and covered with bamboo leaves. It is thought that these dumplings would frighten any fish which would harm the body of Chu Yuan after he jumped into the sea. Nonetheless, some think that the dragon watercraft event began before the death of Chu Yuan. The dragon watercraft has the head and a tail of a dragon. Considering that the dragon is the god of the water globe, After the dragon watercraft’s cruise in the water, the water will be blessed. It is likewise a custom for individuals to clean their hair and also body with the honored water on the day to be honored for the coming year.

Starving Ghost Celebration (August/September).

It is the time when eviction of Hell opens and also all ghosts will certainly involve the earth. People would supply roasted pork, steamed chicken, as well as fruits to the ghosts. They would likewise melt paper offerings to the dead in the streets. It is likewise said that individuals need to not stroll or respond to any person calling them when strolling on the road during the night.

Mid-autumn Event (September/October).

Mooncake is the gift you provide to your close friends as well as loved ones at the event. In addition to that, salted sausages and star fruit are various other prominent gifts. It is the happiest for the kids since they would enjoy strolling in the streets with their lanterns. ‘Wax-boiling’ has ended up being very popular yet the federal government in Hong Kong has made it forbidden after many crashes from melting wax. Individuals would make use of the chance to check out the full moon on the day on their balconies or simply at home. Typical mooncakes are made with pleasant lotus seed paste with one or more egg yolks. Modern mooncakes come in different designs. Preferences like environment-friendly tea, red beans, porks and also nuts, or even mooncake ice cream are all offered. Simply call it as well as you might locate it.

Chung Yeung Festival (September/October).

There has been a legend from the East Han Empire. A guy was told to leave the house and also most likely to a hilltop of the date to prevent a disaster that would eliminate all lives there. So he left home with his family and consumed alcohol chrysanthemum a glass of wine as he had been told. When he came back after the day, he located that all animals were killed. Since then, after nearly 2000 years, it is thought that it is a day when people must leave home as well as show their regard to their forefathers on the day.

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