Jeanne Pezzi


Wonderful news to share:

The ZIGF has just received a check for $5,000 dollars from the estate of former ZIGF Director and longtime ZIGF friend, Jeanne Pezzi.

We were so sad to lose Jeanne in 2014 and had been looking for a way to honor her. Her final show of support to the festival was such an unexpected and touching surprise, it has inspired us to come up with a memorial project that would make her proud, and we are launching a grant-matching program to make it happen.

We are considering:

-An annual scholarship fund (using just the $5,000 dollars we have or using that as seed money and raising more funds each year);

-An annual education event like our 2012 Ritmos de Brazil 10-day guitar workshop and concert series for 107 kids (which would require additional fundraising to raise the $35,000 dollar budget);

-An annual singer-songwriter seminar and concert series (which would require additional fundraising to meet the $50,000 dollar budget).

It only depends on the amount of money we can raise and the help we can get to make it happen.

We do not want to use the funds to merely pay for festival operating expenses as it would be a drop in the bucket -- gone toward bills almost immediately. We prefer to use it to create something that would honor Jeanne every year and be a testament to the wonderful friendships that have been created here.

We were always so inspired by Jeanne's kindness and generosity and we hope to honor that for many years to come!
Our goal is to immediately raise an additional $5,000 dollars to get started, let us know if you would like to see one of these projects get off the ground by voting with a donation.
*Any amount counts. We can accept donations in US Dollars : 1. via credit cards via PayPal (below), 2.  via wire transfer to our US bank, 3. in check or cash donations mailed to our US address or, 4. We can accept donations in MXN pesos to our Mexican bank account. Message us at: for bank or mailing address info.

**For donations over $10,000 dollars we have the ability to get a US tax deductible receipt through our affiliation with the 5-star rated International Community Foundation.